Client Testimonials

What clients say about us

Long-term successful cooperation, based on professional attitude towards the client. We are very pleased with the quality of video and audio materials we receive from you, as well as the speed of their production. As far as Voice over is concerned, we are very pleased with the quality of Voice Over, regardless of whether it is a male or female voice. We have no plans to change anything.

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Dejan Petrović
Apsolut Velpro / Belgrade / Serbia

We have many years of successful cooperation with SIMONE studio. Although we have often had demanding jobs, with impossible deadlines, SIMONE studio has responded to every challenge with professional and quality production.

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Biljana Kljajević
Intro Studio / Podgorica / Montenegro

The engagement of a promoter for a promotional video speaker can sometimes be frustrating, given the sea of ​​supply, but also from the aspect of importance that voice over has on the overall project. With Simone Voice Over Studio, their professional approach and excellent knowledge of the area and the offer, we always had exactly the right speakers for our video content, as we imagined, great voice colors, affected tone, accent. In short: meeting expectations.

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Milica Mataja-Mafrici
Biocrystal / Rijeka / Croatia

When building our brand in various markets, an important element of localization is to help our customers as much as possible. Simone is here to the fullest extent of our ability to adapt filmmakers to different languages ​​in terms of finding and recording voice over effectively. Although often in short order, we fully rely on Simone to find us the “best fit”. Also, Simone always offers additional options because the team is focused on finding solutions and excellence in performance and always provides added value that makes a significant difference in quality.

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Martina Mirić Javora
Lentismed / Zagreb / Croatia

Voice Over artist’s quality base. An up-to-date communication and a willingness to find the best solution together. The resulting final audio mix is ​​an indication of the seriousness of the work of this team and that is why the marketing agency MANIA from Banja Luka has repeatedly selected Simone Voice Over Studio as an associate for the purposes of recording Voice Over.

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Marinela Todorović
Agencija Mania / Banja Luka / Republika Srpska

We are pleased with the cooperation and the large base and choice of voices. You have always met us with the speed and quality of the end product. Praise.

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Sofija Burovac
Emezzeta / Belgrade / Serbia

We have collaborated with Simone Studio on 4 projects (WAFFLE, CLIX, CHOCO PIE, HORALKY) and are very pleased with the quality of service they provide. I would also state great kindness, flexibility, creativity in work. We did not have experience in this industry, but with the studio Simone we were able to gain experience and through their creativity express what we want to advertise.
Many thanks Simone.

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Dragoljub Mihailović
Beokolp / Belgrade / Serbia

We have many years of cooperation with the Simone studio. What I would single out is the large range and high quality of voice on offer for VoiceOver. Often our team has a problem choosing between several quality votes. And then, second, is the speed of service, sometimes surprising. We have never repeated the recorded material so far, everything was done in accordance with the original agreement. Last but not least, high professionalism and kindness characterize the people of Simone’s studio.

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Aleksandar Milošević
CRH SRBIJA / Novi Popovac / Serbia